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Launch of the fourth edition of SyArt Sorrento Festival

SYART GALLERY | 6 June 2020 at 12.00 a.m. | Corso Italia 139/141



Installation of the work “Mikado” by Vincenzo Mascia


Photo credit Gennaro Giorgio

Photo credit Antonino Fattorusso


SyART Sorrento Festival  2019: In_dialogue.

SyART Sorrento Festival, exhibition event dedicated to the world of contemporary art, while retaining the principles and substantial intentions of the beginnings, in this edition opens to new possible dialogues.

In_dialogue is in fact the leitmotif of the 3rd edition of SyART Festival Sorrento that from May 11th to June 9th presents in a group exhibition artists from eleven different countries: Italy, United States, Australia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Cuba, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and France. A theme that links the ten exhibition rooms Main Room Pop Art, Neo-pop, Spatialism, Figurative (with two rooms), Informal, Abstract-geometric, Dreamlike, Conceptual Photography Solo Room Julia Krahn, Solo Room Lello Masucci.
This year Rossella Savarese, curator and art dealer who also followed the previous edition, is at the helm. The project’s intention is to create a dialogue that is grafted thanks to a message sent by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, undisputed international representatives of POP ART present in the Main Room Pop Art. Message that, decoded and remodelled, finds new expressions in the works exhibited in the Neo-Pop room and continues, animating within the exhibition where Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, are told with more than one hundred works. This year two Solo Room assigned respectively to the German-born artist Julia Krahn and the artist Lello Masucci whose 1988 historical work “Sacchi di Notti napoletane” was recently acquired by the MADRE Museum in Naples. The participation of women is significant, with a clear desire to issue a warning about the presence of women in the world of art.
In_dialogue also the location, Villa Fiorentino, in line with a large project of exhibitions that is being structured and implemented in its spaces. And again In_dialogue SyART, whose Founder and Promoter Leone Cappiello, continues to support and believe in the meaning of “young” as a new meaning, commitment to young talent but that expands and grows to become SyART Festival Sorrento, in which the historicized artists represent support and fertile humus for creative people who try to structure themselves and propose themselves in the contemporary sector.
The Fata Verde Awards and the didactic paths taken care of by Simona Schiazzano are confirmed, through the realization of more educational projects. The students from Sorrento welcome visitors by acting as stweards and hostess, an experiment approved with enthusiasm already in the previous edition.
Among the side events, the installation of the work of the Israeli-American artist Dalya Luttwak, Global Warning: The First Tropical Mangrove in Venice, commissioned in
occasion of the 16th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. The sculpture, previously installed at the Giardino della Marinaressa and representing the complex system of roots of a mangrove tree, welcomes visitors at the entrance of Villa Fiorentino. Also by Luttwak “Ivy Edera” sculpture of 11 meters high installed as a site-specific project in Via San Francesco, 25. And yet a Video Mapping in 3D Art in Motion on the facade of the Villa by Enrico Agresta and Francesco Cuomo.


Photo Credit Luigi De Lucia


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2018 II edition



The pop art of Cuomo conquers Sorrento: to him the Fata Verde award.

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Lucio Dalla, Sophia Loren & Enrico Caruso: the faces of the TvBoy mural dedicated to Sorrento


Big crowd at the inauguration of the Syart

Press Release VERNISSAGE SYART April 7

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Press Release TvBoy at the vernissage of the Sorrento Young Art

© Stefano Vergari

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Press Release 2018 Edition


Contamination, openness and exchange, these are the focal points on which we invest in the second edition of Sorrento Young Art, an international event dedicated to contemporary art, at the historic Villa Fiorentino, home of the prestigious Sorrento Foundation, presided over by the owner Gianluigi Aponte . SyArt, thanks to the success of the first edition, in agreement with the Municipality of Sorrento and the Sorrento Foundation, extends the duration of the event with Vernissage on 7 April at 19.00 and Finissage on 13 May. Among the novelties of this year a shared artistic direction, entrusted to Paolo Feroce and Rossella Savarese; a Range Rover Evoque that becomes “Art Car” thanks to an exclusive wrapping that is the result of a project supported by the Jaguar Dealership Land Rover Autorally and the Zenith brand; a cover of Arbiter created by the winner of the Fata Verde Praemium; realization of an artistic El Primero Zenith model dial and live painting and perfomance, during the inaugural evening, with the extraordinary participation of the artist Tvboy, eclectic representative of the current Neo-Pop, linked to the world of street art. The artists selected for this second event, have the opportunity to promote their artistic research in an evocative place rich in history, location that has dedicated exhibition routes to artists such as, to name a few, Paladino, Chagall and Dalì. The city of Sorrento will be affected by site-specific installations. Next to the SyArt event is an exhibition focusing on the work of the Irish artist Francis Bacon, one of the most famous names in 20th century art history. During the exhibition days, the educational paths with Italian and foreign schools are confirmed, by Simona Schiazzano. Also confirmed for the opening night, the cocktail by the chef Peppe Aversa, Michelin star. ART CAR AWARD “When the excellences of the world of high precision mechanics meet Art, they are overwhelmed”. This is what expressed the Art Car award, the initiative commissioned by Leone Cappiello, the President SyArt, who strongly supported the realization of the project. The Art Car award, supported by the Jaguar Dealership Land Rover Autorally, is one of the novelties of this edition. A Range Rover Evoque, personalized with a creative wrapping design, designed and produced exclusively by an artist chosen by the organizational staff, whose task is to summarize in art the spirit of the Jaguar Land Rover brand whose off road characteristics are inherent in the DNA of the brand that produces cars ready to tackle the most difficult terrain and conditions. A new challenge for SyArt, an important commitment.
FATA VERDE PRAEMIUM. ARBITER COVER. “A tribute to the visionary force that animates the artist and made him able to imagine and show the essence of reality, to invent the unknown, to dialogue with the mystery and the magical dimension. The inspiration of the award is, of course, from the “cursed poets” and from those brilliant artists – from Dino Campana to Modigliani to Patty Smith to Steve Jobs – who have brought in fantastic and unprecedented interpretations of the visible and the invisible. The Praemium with the reference to the Green Fairy puts the accent on being fairy that is lodged in each of us and that over the centuries has given to humanity admirable artists who with their works have contributed to enrich our knowledge and to perfect the our spirit “. The Award stems from a suggestion by Elio Ferraris, creator and president emeritus of the Circolo degli Inquieti. To the winner of the prize, the honor of creating a cover of the magazine Arbiter, edited and directed by Franz Botré. The winner of the Art Zenith Prize is pleased to design a Zenith El Primero Chronomaster model dial.

The selection of the artists, participants only by invitation, is based on the principles of SyArt such as promotion, visibility and spaces dedicated to national and international artists. The same are placed in dialogue with historicized names, on an occasion of exchange and contamination.

Photo Credit Luigi De Lucia

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“Sorrento Young Art Festival” is not only the opening of a new periodic exhibition site dedicated to contemporary art: it is the crowning of a selection, monitoring and study of the artistic levers operating in the area that starts from afar, in In the course of which we have tried to focus on quality authors with a minimum common denominator: that of having failed to link to the most accredited media and exhibition circuits, not because of their own demerit, but because of a substantial inability of the current system of Italian art to incorporate and promote forms of artistic expression that are not directly attributable to the well-tested Esperanto of the new globalized art, which prefers (inevitably) the most new and captivating means of expression, in step with technological evolution and the grandeur of the massed spectacle, or the conceptual arabesques and sociological provocations which, however inter essanti, do not seem more animated by the fire of intelligence and creative urgency that characterized the experiments of the last century.

Its first edition will take place in Villa Fiorentino, headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation from 8 to 23 April 2017.
Recall that the event will exhibit artists from all over the world, along with organizations and operators in the sector, and will host meetings and events to animate the exhibition days.

The best works on display will be included in the permanent collection of Syart Space.

By geographical, historical and anthropological vocation, South Italy has been committed for years to play the role of cultural hinge between Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the City of Sorrento, notoriously accustomed to interacting with international tourist flows, is strategic for achieve the project goals.

Our employees are expected to be present in the city’s promotional graphics and in international communication in the fields of art and design, without neglecting the newspapers and, of course, the web.
It is also possible to display your own corners and / or promotional prints inside the exhibitions and to organize days dedicated exclusively to employees.
Any other proposal, aesthetically suited to the elegance of the entire exhibition, will be evaluated by the organizers.

The works (art and design) will be divided by style, combining sculptures, paintings and other creations to obtain suggestive effects, but avoiding visual pollution and conceptual dispersion.
The teaching will involve many schools in the area, but also national and foreign institutions, attracting the attention of students from all over the world.

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