SyArt Sorrento Festival – Edition III 2019

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SyART Sorrento Festival  2019: In_dialogue.

SyART Sorrento Festival, exhibition event dedicated to the world of contemporary art, while retaining the principles and substantial intentions of the beginnings, in this edition opens to new possible dialogues.

In_dialogue is in fact the leitmotif of the 3rd edition of SyART Festival Sorrento that from May 11th to June 9th presents in a group exhibition artists from eleven different countries: Italy, United States, Australia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Cuba, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and France. A theme that links the ten exhibition rooms Main Room Pop Art, Neo-pop, Spatialism, Figurative (with two rooms), Informal, Abstract-geometric, Dreamlike, Conceptual Photography Solo Room Julia Krahn, Solo Room Lello Masucci.
This year Rossella Savarese, curator and art dealer who also followed the previous edition, is at the helm. The project’s intention is to create a dialogue that is grafted thanks to a message sent by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, undisputed international representatives of POP ART present in the Main Room Pop Art. Message that, decoded and remodelled, finds new expressions in the works exhibited in the Neo-Pop room and continues, animating within the exhibition where Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, are told with more than one hundred works. This year two Solo Room assigned respectively to the German-born artist Julia Krahn and the artist Lello Masucci whose 1988 historical work “Sacchi di Notti napoletane” was recently acquired by the MADRE Museum in Naples. The participation of women is significant, with a clear desire to issue a warning about the presence of women in the world of art.
In_dialogue also the location, Villa Fiorentino, in line with a large project of exhibitions that is being structured and implemented in its spaces. And again In_dialogue SyART, whose Founder and Promoter Leone Cappiello, continues to support and believe in the meaning of “young” as a new meaning, commitment to young talent but that expands and grows to become SyART Festival Sorrento, in which the historicized artists represent support and fertile humus for creative people who try to structure themselves and propose themselves in the contemporary sector.
The Fata Verde Awards and the didactic paths taken care of by Simona Schiazzano are confirmed, through the realization of more educational projects. The students from Sorrento welcome visitors by acting as stweards and hostess, an experiment approved with enthusiasm already in the previous edition.
Among the side events, the installation of the work of the Israeli-American artist Dalya Luttwak, Global Warning: The First Tropical Mangrove in Venice, commissioned in
occasion of the 16th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. The sculpture, previously installed at the Giardino della Marinaressa and representing the complex system of roots of a mangrove tree, welcomes visitors at the entrance of Villa Fiorentino. Also by Luttwak “Ivy Edera” sculpture of 11 meters high installed as a site-specific project in Via San Francesco, 25. And yet a Video Mapping in 3D Art in Motion on the facade of the Villa by Enrico Agresta and Francesco Cuomo.


Photo Credit Luigi De Lucia

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