Spaces, occasions, festivals, events, exhibitions, joint by a common denominator: passion for art and beauty, in every expression. Particular attention is given to young artists, to all of those who, in the vast and complex art system, try to structure and propose themselves.

The headquarter in Sorrento, allows distribution and promotion, in an area naturally devoted to visual arts and not. Through the annual event, “SyArt Sorrento Festival”, which is organized in the prestigious Villa Fiorentino-Fondazione Sorrento, SyArt places artists on the national and international scene, in synergy with the exhibition activities realized by the Foundation.

Syart collaborates, attends, participates actively in dedicated conferences, meetings and debates, in order to be able to update its project activities, addressing them vigorously for statutory purposes such as the promotion and distribution of art.

SyArt Gallery

SyArt Gallery is related to the international event “SyArt Festival”, held annually at the central Villa Fiorentino, in collaboration with the Municipality and the Sorrento Foundation.

In their own spaces, located right at the entrance of the wonderful Pubblic Villa, one of the most photographed places in the world, exhibit the creatives selected by the curator Rossella Savarese..

The Contemporary Art Gallery, managed by Leone Cappiello and Rossella Savarese, exhibts national and international artists