SyArt Sorrento Festival

SyART  Sorrento Festival is a mix of ideas, emotions and dreams, a festival dedicated to contemporary artists from all over the world. Following the success of the second year, the event takes on a new image.

The Kermesse is hosted, every year, in the wonderful location of Villa Fiorentino, home of the Fondazione Sorrento, a place where history, traditions, art and culture interact with the guest. SyART Sorrento Festival is part of the Sorrento Foundation’s international events, which usually takes place in Spring and hosts events and encounters to animate the exhibition days. The didactic, fundamental activity, affects many local schools, but also national and foreign institutes, attracting the attention of students from all over the world. There are also training sessions for foreign and Italian students.

The art works selected at the Event will be exhibited during the year in Syart-space, a gallery linked to the event, located at the entrance of the Villa Comunale di Sorrento, one of the most impressive place of the city.

The Event is a showcase for contemporary artists and an opportunity for dialogue, opening, communication and connection young artists and historical international names.

During the kermesse site-specific works are carried out. Thanks to the active collaboration with artists such as TvBoy, Carmen Novaco and Dalya Luttwak, the urban context of Sorrento comes alive with works of art, thus realizing our dream of an outdoor museum in Sorrento. At the entrance of the Villa Comunale the mural by TvBoy, in Piazza S.Antonino the sculpture “Essenza” by Carmen Novaco and finally largo San Francesco “Ivy” installation by Dalya Luttwak.