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SyArt Sorrento Festival is a mix of ideas, emotions and dreams, a festival dedicated to contemporary artists from all over the world who have a unique opportunity to exhibit their work in a museum space.

The Kermesse is hosted, every year, in the wonderful location of Villa Fiorentino, home of the Fondazione Sorrento, a place where history, traditions, art and culture interact with the guest. Historic home that has dedicated exhibition routes to artists such as Mimmo Paladino, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon. SyArt Sorrento Festival is part of the Sorrento Foundation’s international events and hosts events and encounters to animate the exhibition days. The didactic, fondamental activity, affects many local schools, but also national and foreign institutes, attracting the attention of students from all over the world. There are also training sessions for foreign and Italian students.

Some of the art works selected at the Event will be exhibited during the year in Syart-space, a gallery linked to the event, located at the entrance of the Villa Comunale di Sorrento, one of the most impressive place of the city.

The Event is a showcase for contemporary artists, an opportunity for dialogue, opening, exchanging and confronting young artists and historical international names.

Terms admission SyArt 2022


SyArt Sorrento Festival V edition

Dates: 16 July / 5 September 2021

Vernissage: 16 July, 7 pm

Location: Villa Fiorentino – Sorrento Foundation Corso Italia, 53 Sorrento (Na)

Curator: Rossella Savarese

Founder: Leone Cappiello

Organization: SyArt Cultural Association 

Visiting days and hours: Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday closed until 10pm.

Ticket price: The full price will be € 4, the combined with the current exhibition on the lower floors of Raffaele Celentano € 3, any groups of minimum 10 pax € 3.

The exhibition catalogue € 10.

Contacts: / 3332882217 – 3488865220 – Sorrento Foundation +39 08187872284

Journalistic service by Lsc Comunicazione Lorena Sivo and video shooting by Giovanni Iacono V EDITION 2021


Past editions


SyArt Sorrento Festival 11 July – 6 September

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento Foundation


11 July at 7 p.m.


Every day 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. / 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Museum Entrance

Corso Italia, 53 Sorrento (Na)

Useful numbers

Sorrento Foundation +39 0818782284

SyArt Gallery +39 3332882217

Free entrance to the exhibition

On-site catalogue at a cost of € 15,00

Journalistic service by Lorena Sivo and video shooting by Giovanni Iacono IV EDITION 2020

Opening IV Edition by Giovanni De Luca

TGR RAI Campania July 18th 2020 IV Edition

VG 21 NEWS Journalistic service by Gaia Mancini IV EDITION

Launch of the fourth edition of SyArt Sorrento Festival



Installation of the work “Mikado” by Vincenzo Mascia


The third Exhibition has been on display at Villa Fiorentino until 2019 june 9

Hours every day 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. / 4 p.m. -8.30 p.m. info on



Televomero TG III EDITION 2019

Journalistic service by Lorena Sivo and video shooting by Giovanni Iacono III EDITION 2019

La serenità

Contemporary Art in Motion by Enrico Agresta & Francesco Cuomo Vernissage may 11 III EDITION

Third Edition Villa Fiorentino May 11 – June 9


April 3  6 p.m.| Launch Kermesse | Rocca 1794 | Piazza Duomo 25 | Milan


February 9, 2019 – Launch SyART FESTIVAL Concept at Sorrento City Hall

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